Gibellina: rivisitazione del passato, bilancio del presente, proiezioni di futuro. Dialogo con Ludovico Corrao.

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[automatically translated] The article collects the precious testimony of Ludovico Corrao, mayor of Gibellina from 1968 to the mid-90s, the star who wanted to direct and firsthand l ' "of works" for the construction of the new city, not limiting themselves to meet of the tasks of his long tenure as mayor, but throwing over the administrative scope to address with courage and creativity the grave problem of reconstruction - even before town planning and construction - of a social and civil community. Gibellina, as a special case in the history of the company and town of Sicily, has had widely reported in the national and international scene and found ample space in news reports and industry literature, whose complex issues too often they were not properly discussed such as to turn away from the famous to the infamous. the publication is to groped to clear away false ideological and biased judgments in retrospect, without mediation by querying the direct protagonists who lived through these stories and who have also, in some measure, directed the performance.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationCittà nell'emergenza
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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