Gettare, con l’acqua sporca (vari segni diacritici, διακριτικά), anche il bambino (lo spirito aspro, δασεία)

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    [automatically translated] The author Agrees with the spelling reform for Modern Greek Introduced in 1984 in all respects, except as regards spiritus asper (δασεία). The fact Is that the latter sign, in addition pcs to render comprehensible aspiration phenomena still present in modern words (eg. Πενθ-ήμερο, ὑφ-ηγητής, ἀφ-ήλιο), would be an effective guide to foreign words of Greek origin (eg Inglese hypocrisy, homonymy, hygiene, German Hypokrisie, homonymy, Hygiene, French hypocrisie, homonymy, hygiène, Spanish hipocresia, homonimia, higiene). Thus one gets the impression That, so to speak, "Has Been thrown the baby out with the bathwater". As a final consideration,
    Original languageItalian
    Title of host publicationΓΛΩΣΣΑ, ΨΥΧΗΣ ΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ. Άφιέρωμα στὴν Ἐευθερία Γιακουμάκη
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    Publication statusPublished - 2010

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