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[automatically translated] In 1770 Carlo Antonini in his treatise on architecture he prefaced: "Liberal Arts Each has a specific need of geometry. The more than any other architecture n'abbisogna. Lacking the fundamentals of his profession to that architect, who does not possess a sufficient geometry capital. As he does, yes in the draw, as in performing, it depends on this Mother Science. He measure up, divides, unites the parties to standard of fair rules, and regulations; arranges them in order, the suits in affordable postures, accords with the appropriate proportions, the surrounds with various figures. Or who does not know, that in all these operations is required geometry? "At the end of the last century, it has reopened the debate centered on the validity of the study and teaching of geometry; and even if the debate today can be considered partially open, the scientific community seems oriented, for the most part, only the need for a renewal of teaching methods. Although it is true that for about a couple of centuries no new descriptive geometry theorem has been proved, it is equally true that today, more than ever, in the information age, we must reaffirm the usefulness of the discipline.
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