Geological Map of the Rocca Busambra-Corleone region (western Sicily, Italy): explanatory notes

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The geology of the Rocca Busambra-Corleone region, in centralwestern Sicily, is relevant to the understanding of the central sector of the Maghrebian-Sicilian fold-and-thrust belt.In the investigated area Mesozoic shallow- and deep-water carbonate deposits pertaining respectively to the Trapanese and the Sicanian successions, and a thick Oligo-Miocene numidian flysch body,crop out. Minor outcrops of Cretaceous-Palaeogene Sicilide complex and syn-orogenic deposits of the Late Serravallian-Early MessinianCastellana Sicula and Terravecchia formations are also present.A structural analysis reveals complex tectonic relationshipsbetween the Trapanese carbonate platform tectonic unit (the RoccaBusambra carbonate ridge) and the overthrusting Sicanian deepwatercarbonate (Corleone-Barracù) and numidian flysch tectonicunits, outcropping around the carbonate ridge.In this tectonic frame Rocca Busambra is a 15 km long, E-Wtrendinglarge antiform, slightly rotated to the NW-SE on its easternlimb (Pizzo Marabito). The unit forms a southerly verging ramp structure;it is bound, to the south, by E-W and WNW-ESE striking majorreverse faults and, to the north, by the E-W striking Busambra fault,that is a back-verging reverse fault characterized by right-handedstrike-slip component of movement. The Busambra carbonate platformtectonic unit, that appears to have been thrust up to the surface,is reimbricated above the Sicanian deep-water carbonate and numi -dian flysch tectonic units; these, in turn, are redeformed. The lattertectonic event overprinted the original tectonic relationships and tookplace during the Late Pliocene, as evidenced in adjacent regions.
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JournalItalian Journal of Geosciences
VolumeVol. 130, No. 1 (2011),
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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