Geofanie. La Terra postmoderna

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[automatically translated] The other day something changed and we do not we realized. Earth, we believed in an image stabilized rational, we knew difficult birth of a long passage from myth to science, it began to throb and warp again. By trial, for peripheral tastings, someone tried to reinvent it, finding in its relief forms a very long drive and very current. This tectonic imagination traveling on specific axes: epic, cosmography, the body as a measure of the world. The postmodern Earth, because that's what it is, it was much more than a vague intuition and much less shared paradigm. This book is the recognition of a sunrise over already, is the story of a geographic parentheses risk of being crushed between the Earth and the modern globalized world. Yet there was,
Original languageItalian
PublisherAracne Editrice Internazionale srl
Number of pages106
ISBN (Print)9788854881839
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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