Genovesi e catalani: nationes mercantili nel caricatore di Sciacca nella prima metà del Quattrocento

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[automatically translated] The paper aims to reconstruct the attendance of several nationes of merchants in the magazine of Sciacca, especially those Genoese and Catalan, taking as a sample period the years of the reign of Alfonso V, through the study of the subset of Accounts Master Portulano which is part of the Miscellaneous of the Real Estate Court preserved at the State Archive of Palermo State. This source, integrated with data provided by the notarial records kept at the State Archives of Sciacca, allowed to clearly determine the volume of trade extra regnum and infra regnum, the type of the exported goods and the boats used, the names and the nationality of those who made the work possible, drawn from the assignees to the merchants of which often is referred to the origin, to patrons of the ships. In some cases it was possible to also define the roots of the merchants in the real city.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publication“Quei maledetti Normanni”. Studi offerti a Errico Cuozzo per i suoi settant’anni da Colleghi, Allievi, Amici
Number of pages21
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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