G. Balsamo - G. Ingrassia , "Analisi di taluni aspetti dell'offerta turistica della Villa Romana del Casale e del territorio circostante alla luce di un indagine campionaria" , pp 7-85 ,QUADERNI DEGLI ANNALI DELLA FACOLTA' DI ECONOMIA. UNIVERSITA' DI PALERMO, "IL TURISMO CULTURALE - Una indagine campionaria sui visitatori di diversa nazionalità alla Villa Romana del Casale", ISSN 1827-8396 (Collana monografica) 2016- ANNO LXX

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Abstract The aim of this research is to discover the opinion of tourists after their visit at the "Villa Romana del Casale" (i.e. "the Villa") which is a very important archaeological Sicilian site located in Piazza Armerina, (EN). The main objective of the research is to improve the tourist offer, by the intensification of visits at the Villa and in the neighbouring area, where there are, also, the Museo regionale di Aidone (i.e. the regional Aidone Museum), the archaeological area of Morgantina and the Enna Museum, and therefore make an excuse for tourists to stay overnight in this area. For the survey an "a-posteriori stratified" sampling method was used; the sample was divided into five strata, each for any different visitors/tourists’ nationality, more particularly: Italian, French, German and English and Other nationalities for all the other visitors/tourists. The sample was extracted using a "Systematic" sampling method, the sample size was n = 320 units and it was obtained by fixing an error of 5,4% and a trust probability of 95%. Preliminarily, we focused on the flow of visitors in the past 6 years, to know the trend in the recent years, and we observed the number of sold tickets and free tickets from 2006 to 2016. For the interviews a questionnaire was properly prepared in four languages (i.e. Italian, French, German and English language) in order to know age, gender, nationality and occupation of respondents, and number of nights spent in hotels or other accommodations nearby the Villa or in other cities. Moreover, the questionnaire had questions about means of information (i.e. from travel agencies, travel books and/or magazines, internet sites, etc.) used by tourists to know the Villa before their visit. Other questions had the aim to know the preference of visitors in regards to transports used to reach the Villa, and visitors’ participation to cultural events organized in the surrounding area. Responses of visitors, which highlighted the lack of knowledge about the cultural events (music events, theatre events, local folklore, local food & wine events, the Holy Week in Enna, Morgantina, etc.) organized in the nearby towns to the Villa are unclear. Particular importance is assumed, for a future tourism planning, by directions given by respondents on cities that they still intended to visit in Sicily, and on those they visited before the Villa. In addition, respondents were asked to give a judgment about some important aspects of Sicilian tourism, their general opinion about the experience of visiting the Villa, and about their stay in Sicily. Results showed different judgments, more particularly, judgments were: "sufficient" for accessibility and viability, "excellent" for the Sicilian cuisine and for the degree of satisfaction after the visit. Finally, by observing the time series of the trend of visitors in the last 27 years it is possible to discover a positive trend of visitors that, first increased and then decreased, like in the series 2011-16, that, nevertheless, highlights a modest increase of visitors in 2016. A part of the questionnaire contains, also, questions to observe behavioral and emotional characteristics of visitors, as well as some original psychological interpretations of images and scenes represented in the mosaics.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages78
ISBN (Print)ISSN 1827- 8396
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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