Fuel Cell in configurazione Range Extender

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[automatically translated] The objective of this article aims to pursue is to assess the technical feasibility and the consequent replacement implications, in a group of static continuity of traditional batteries with fuel cells as an energy source in direct current. The circuit configuration proposal, referred to as fuel cell configuration in range extender, presents an extremely versatile and modular structure in at least two points of view. In the first place the system seamlessly integrates with the traditional uninterruptible power, for which it is sufficient to replace the battery packs with a stack of fuel cells. In the second place to change the characteristics of the system in terms of deliverable power, reliability, autonomy of operation, etc., in relation to the needs and users' needs that may evolve and change over time, it is sufficient to modify the characteristics of the power devices. The conclusions drawn from experimental analyzes have been particularized for a passive standby UPS system; however, they are immediately extensible to all other circuit architectures. Of course, the configuration of the proposed costs are, to date, not competitive in the short and medium term with traditional uninterruptible power, but with the reduction of costs due to the consolidation of an economy of scale fuel cell, the fuel cell system configuration range extender can be a valuable alternative technically and economically.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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