From ship loader to port city. The case of Porto Empedocle (Da caricatore a città portuale. Il caso di Porto Empedocle)

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Porto Empedocle was, for many centuries, the port of the nearby city ofAgrigento, imposing itself for exceptional locational qualities as maritimecrossroads between all the seaports on the south coast of Sicily, albeit with upsand downs. Thanks to its strategic location, facing the north African coast andconnections to the inner areas, the simple warehouse and provisioner becamecrucial for the economy of the island so as to be called the "most activewarehouse and provisioner of the kingdom". Were performed a series ofmeasures aimed at achieving real port facilities which would transform theoriginal glade in functional landing place for boats of any size. Due its history,Porto Empedocle has been awarded the designation of “City” that seems tocrown a '"independence", de iure, long looked for and that, due to strongconnections with Agrigento, de facto, there is not.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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