Free style facial artery perforator flap for one stage reconstruction of the nasal ala.

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The nasolabial skin is the ideal donor site for nasal ala reconstruction. The classic techniques involve a two-stage procedure to reconstruct an aesthetically pleasing nasal ala. A one-stage technique for reconstruction of the nasal ala with a free style nasolabial perforator flap is presented in this article.PATIENTS AND METHODS: The technique has been used in eight patients between November 2004 and June 2007. In most of the cases (seven out of eight) the whole alar subunit was reconstructed.RESULTS: Besides a small distal 2mm necrosis in one flap--which healed without further treatment--all the flaps healed uneventfully with aesthetically pleasing results using the one-stage technique.CONCLUSIONS: The free style perforator nasolabial island flap has become the method of choice in the authors' institution for nasal ala reconstruction, especially when the defect involves the whole subunit. It allows one-stage reconstruction with very similar tissue and a concealed scar in the natural groove
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