Francesco De Sarlo. Dalla psicologia alla filosofia

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[automatically translated] The figure of Francesco De Sarlo arises in the historiographical context of contemporary culture, in its dual belonging both to the history of philosophy to the history of psychology. The analysis of his thought can not fail to take into consideration also the early years of its production, related to the period from his degree in Medicine campus in Naples, in 1887, to the achievement of the lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy, in 1897. during these years is not to overlook the "turning point" of 1893, when the young researcher discovers the logic and psychology of Rosmini at the urging of Luigi Ferri. The middle years (1903-1907), relating to the opening of the laboratory of experimental psychology at the Institute for Advanced Study and Improvement of Florence and the publication of the data of psychic experience, We have to follow up with studies dedicated to the period of maturity (1907-1935) in terms of ethics and social philosophy. The works in this last phase to delineate the figure of a philosopher engaged on the side of anti-idealism (Gentile and Croce. Philosophical Letters of a "passed") and issues concerning the relations between philosophy and science (Science and Philosophy) between philosophy and sociology (The man in the social life), and between philosophy and psychology (life and psyche).
Original languageItalian
Number of pages187
ISBN (Print)978-88-568-4490-0
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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