Foto storiche per il controllo e il monitoraggio del degrado superficiale di manufatti architettonici

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[automatically translated] The work is aimed at the study of photogrammetric expeditious procedures for the control and monitoring of surface degradation of architectural structures through the use of historical archives photogrammetric. The research was conducted using the historical photogrammetric archives of Representation Department of the University of Palermo, constituted in the seventies and consists of about six hundred panes of glass made with bicamere Wild C120 and C40. Are preserved in the archive took many photogrammetric of important buildings and monuments of Palermo and western Sicily. The historical archive has permission to make a first study for the application of photogrammetric procedures that, in a fairly simple and rapid, enable it to carry out comparative analysis of the transformations occurred over the years. The application was carried out on two different buildings in Palermo: Bordonaro Palace, a palace located in the historic center and the Santa Maria church of Jesus. The processed photogrammetric products from photogrammetric surveys carried out in the seventies and new surveys conducted in 2008 they made it possible to perform an analysis of the state of surface artifacts degradation.
Original languageItalian
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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