Finzioni e figure nelle Operette morali di Leopardi

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[automatically translated] The book shows how the "Short Moral" of Leopardi have contributed to the foundation of a modern and fantastic dense writing reflections handled mythological figures or paradoxical tales, a warp of "poetic dreams and whims melancholy". The operetta Leopardi is a unique document of lightness and grace with which the author weaves the comic and tragic, storytelling and theater. A fantastic sort of topography of a poetic system that moves between critique of the Restoration and philosophical tension between fullness aesthetic and intellectual erosion of some cultural myths of the time. Fictions with which to narrate the human condition between dreams and finitude, short circuits between beauty and mystery of nature, between the finite and infinite. Figures of thought and fables of the time able to filter, in varied 'Décalages', questions the existence and write radicals. In this way you outline the significant traits of a great and problematic style can express charms and disenchantment.
Original languageItalian
ISBN (Print)978-88-97077-29-9
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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