Fingerprint Traits and RSA Algorithm Fusion Technique

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The present work deals with modern computing systems security issues, focusing on biometric based asymmetric keys generation process. Conventional PKI systems are based on private/public keys generated through RSA or similar algorithms. The present solution embeds biometric information on the private/public keys generation process. In addition the corresponding private key depends on physical or behavioural biometric features and it can be generated when it is needed. Starting from fingerprint acquisition, the biometric identifier is extracted, cyphered, and stored in tamper-resistant smartcard to overcome the security problems of centralized databases. Biometric information is then used for user authentication and for public/private keys generation. The initial trials have shown that the asymmetric keys generation distinctive power depends on biometric authentication accuracy, assuring unique asymmetric keys for each authenticated user.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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