[automatically translated] This book communicates with other disciplines in the contemporary investigating the burning problems of the metropolis and megalopolis, urban sprawl and the slums, of media networks and the imaginary sphere that they generate. And at the same time try to identify the key moments - and critical points - that have gradually emerged in semiotic studies on the city. The purpose of the book is precisely that of tilling a field within which are grafted and proliferate a series of city figures, images and signs of each type which, in their intertwining, go to make up the thickness of our daily life. Guarded by such a rigorous theoretical framework as it is dynamic, the look of the city will be presented especially in the field. A field for large and heterogeneous definition that receives, thanks to the models of the science of signification, not a few clarifications and some interpretative results of some importance. Issues typical of current urban studies such as those of the creative city, and the risk of territorial control, hypertrophy of signs and advertising billboards, the brand building, conflict between urban transport, the role of foreigners in the new semantics of the places identity are addressed according to the winning semiotic style: ie from media texts (films, commercials, cartoons), by social discourses (origin myths, political communication, image promotion), by concrete practices and on urban land (waterfront, commercial spaces, villages - tourist and not). Ethnographic research is integrated with the textual analysis,
Original languageItalian
Number of pages280
ISBN (Print)978-88-5751-881-7
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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