Female Architecture: Unbuilt Digital Archive

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The objective of this study is that one, starting from the initial considerations, to give back to the historyof architecture, through drawing as a critical means of inquiry, the thought and work of some womenarchitectwho, between 1926 and 1962, have designed and/or built buildings of fine architectural quality.The critical re-drawing, which in this case is mimetic to the construction of the project, wants to makemanifest the thought of some figures of the Modern Movement often relegated to an unknown fate; inparticular it analyses a part of the activity of Lilly Reich, Helena Niemirowska Syrkus and CharlottePerriand. The study aims to build a graphic inedited and exhaustive repertory of some unrealized projects,carried out by these women that can be defined “pioneer” of modern architecture, giving back afemale thought of the project’s construction. The drawing of architecture, as ambit of critical analysis,in this study assumes a substantial role when it investigates the project which is the central place of itstrue expression.
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Title of host publicationHandbook of Research on Emerging Digital Tools for Architectural Surveying, Modeling, and Representation
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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