Fatigue strength of a single lap joint SPR-bonded

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In the last years, hybrid joints, meaning with this the joints which consist in combining a traditional mechanicaljoint to a layer of adhesive, are gradually attracting the attention of various sectors of the construction of vehicles andtransportation industries, for their better performance compared to just mechanical joints (self-piercing riveting SPR, riveting,and so on) or just to bonded joints.The paper investigates the fatigue behavior of a single lap joint self-piercing riveted (SPR) and bonded throughout fatiguetests. The considered geometric configuration allowed the use of two rivets placed longitudinally; an epoxy resin was used asadhesive. In the first part of the work static characterization of the joints was carried out through tensile tests. Then fatiguetests were made with the application of different levels of load. The fatigue curves were also obtained at the varying thedistance between the two rivets in order to better assess the joint strength for a given length of overlap.
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