Extensible Wind Tower

Tullio Tucciarelli, Marco Sinagra, Tullio Tucciarelli

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The diffusion of wind energy generators is restricted by their strong landscape impact. The PERIMAproject is about the development of an extensible wind tower able to support a wind machine for severalhundred kW at its optimal working height, up to more than 50 m. The wind tower has a telescopicstructure, made by several tubes located inside each other with their axis in vertical direction. The liftingforce is given by a jack-up system confined inside a shaft, drilled below the ground level. In the retractedtower configuration, at rest, tower tubes are hidden in the foundation of the telescopic structure, locatedbelow the ground surface, and the wind machine is the only emerging part of the system. The liftingsystem is based on a couple of oleodynamic cylinders that jack-up a central tube connected to the top of thetower by a spring, with a diameter smaller than the minimum tower diameter and with a length a bit greaterthan the length of the extended telescopic structure. The central tube works as plunger and lifts alltelescopic elements. The constraint between the telescopic elements is ensured by special parts, which arekept in traction by the force of the spring and provide the resisting moment. The most evident benefit ofthe proposed system is attained with the use of a two-blade propeller, which can be kept horizontal in theretracted tower configuration.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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  • General Physics and Astronomy


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