Experiments for testing soil texture effects on flow resistance in mobile bed rills

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In this paper a recently theoretically deduced rill flow resistance equation, based on a power-velocity profile, was tested experimentally on plots of varying slopes and soil texture in which mobile bed rills are incised. Measurements of flow velocity, water depth, cross section area, wetted perimeter and bed slope conducted in rill reaches incised on experimental plots, having different slope values (9, 14, 22, 24 and 26%) and soil texture (clay fraction ranging from 42 to 73%), and literature data were used to calibrate the flow resistance equation. In particular, the relationship between the velocity profile parameter Γ the channel slope, the flow Froude number and texture fractions was firstly calibrated using 147 rill reach data. Then this relationship was tested using 126 measurements carried out with soils having different texture (percentage of clay ranging from 9.6 to 73%) and slopes (6.9%–26%). The measurements allowed to establish that a) the Darcy-Weisbach friction factor can be accurately estimated using the proposed theoretical approach, and b) the data were supportive of the soil texture influence on rill velocity and flow resistance.
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