Experimental tests on typical masonry of Messina area (Italy) retrofitted with CAM: A full scale arch

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The present paper focuses on an in-situ testing campaign recently developed in theMessina area, Italy, aiming at the assessment of the in-plane shear behaviour of traditional masonrystructures retrofitted with the innovative CAM system (a system of 3D pre-tensioned stainless steelties). The typical masonry of Messina area, is characterised by low mechanical properties, both for itstexture and for the bad quality of mortar, as well as lack of transverse connections. The high seismicrisk characterizing the zone, amplifies the need for in-plane strengthening and transverse connectionsimproving. The CAM system, Masonry Active Ties or Manufact Active Confining, allows to realise a3D pre-tensioned tying system which is able to compact stones and mortar and improve the masonrymechanical characteristics. A full scale arch was cut from an ancient building and in-situ tests werecarried out. First, the arch was horizontally in-plane loaded until first cracking appeared, then it wasreinforced with CAM and re-loaded until failure. The results of the experiments carried out havehighlighted the advantages in using CAM, specially its ability to provide a large increasing in terms ofstrength and ductility.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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