Experimental sorting of municipal-like waste in the hospital “Civico”, Palermo (IT)

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An experiment of source sorting - based management of Health Care Waste (HCW) was carried out in 2011 in 4 Departments of the Public Hospital “Civico” (Palermo, IT), where the basic mandatory separation between hazardous and non-hazardous waste was already going on since year 2000.The experiment consisted in weighing every day for 15 days 4 predefined fractions collected in the Infirmaries (namely paper, plastics, glass and unsorted fraction), and the bags with unsorted waste from the patient’s stay room. Furthermore, in 1 of the 4 Departments also the boxes of Infectious Waste (IW)were weighed for a week.As a result a weighted average value of 0.56 kg of Municipal-like Waste (MLW) per bed and per day was obtained for the Infirmaries of the 4 Departments (1.89 kg for the whole Department). The potentially recoverable wastefractions of MLW were about 65.7 %, the balance being unsorted waste.The actual production of IW − monitored in just oneof the Departments, OU 1− brought to a generation rate of 0.74 kg/bed-day with a range 0.50−1.00. This productionrepresents the 54 % of total waste from that Infirmary but just 34 % of the overall waste stream from the Unit. This pilot experiment confirms the wide finding that IW are a minor part of the overall waste stream produced in a health care structure.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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