Excellence in Teaching Prize: Winner of Excellence in Teaching Prize 2007

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Winner of Excellence in Teaching Prize 2007Faculty of Urban and regional planning, IUAV University of VeniceA participative process of Urban Regeneration. Building an integrated programme aimed at improving the quality of urban and social life in a consolidated periphery of VeniceContact person: Liliana PadovaniThe course has been appointed as winner because it fulfils the overall prize criteria to make a critical and constructive contribution of teaching. It will inspire and foster curiosity, rigour, creativity, critical thinking, and the building of lifelong learning.The course examines the social dimension of sustainable development in the way that students investigate a group of settlements where good quality urban areas are found side by side with zones of urban decay and social distress. In particular, it exposes issues raised by immigration, both domestic and foreign. The students learn how to create places and situations which promote social inclusion and the involvement of local actors in urban life and urban management; how to support the coexistence of different cultural and ethnic groups in the same urban spaces; and how to produce visions and scenarios arising from the interaction among local actors.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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