Eventi, luoghi, temporalità. L’Expo’98 Lisbona e l’Expo 02 Svizzera / Events, Places, Temporalities. The Lisbon world Expo'98 and the Expo 02 Switzerland

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[automatically translated] Great events deal with a leading role in contemporary Practise for urban renewal, Encourage the emergence of new town planning strategies, improve existing infrastructures and INCREASE land interests on Their site. Instead of current Practise in city renewal, the plan of the event is caratterizzata by three main phases: the specifying of a strategy of urban transformation, its lasting, re-use or demolition of the planned building ounces event is over. This last phase is regarded as the main subject of the whole program During the planning procedures. Through the two case-study of Expo '98 at Lisbon and the Expo 02 Switzerland, I will take into consideration issues related to the localization of the event, its lasting, and the effects induced by the urban transformations.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationVIVERE E CAMMINARE IN CITTÀ. I luoghi degli eventi / LIVING AND WALKING IN CITIES. Space for public shows and trade fairs
Number of pages383
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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