Eternitten Village 21: the city of knowledge. From industrial contamination to social and cultural contamination

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The paper describes the decontamination and regeneration process of the Eternitten district, an abandoned industrial complex for the production of cement and asbestos south of Aalborg, in a new multifunctional and sustainable neighbourhood. The designation of the district as an urban transformation area is part of a general regeneration of Aalborg whose industrial profile is gradually being replaced by a new profile more oriented towards culture and innovation.Eternittens Vidensby Village 21, from eternit factory to knowledge factory, is the vision developed by Kjær & Richter for Søren Enggaard A/S for an innovative use of the neighbourhood. The vision, which is inspired by the village as a self-sufficient organization, is to create a mixed urban area with an international profile for modern life with its fluid transitions and contaminations between work, leisure, functionality and urban experiences. The mix and flexibility of urban uses, with a settlement densification adapted to the landscape, alternate with numerous living spaces with high biodiversity. Urban design is functional to adaptation to climate change and attention to respect for the environment is guaranteed by energy-saving buildings and the creation of climate boulevards as ecosystem services. The identity of the industrial district is preserved thanks to the recycling of the existing industrial heritage, giving life to an active and lively neighborhood in a place that is one of the most significant testimonies of Aalborg's cultural and industrial heritage.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationWorld Heritage and Contamination : Architecture, Culture, Environment, Agriculture, Health, Economy landscape, Design, Territorial Governance, Archaeology, e-Learning
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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