Estimation of measures of effectiveness (MOE) for the C- Roundabouts

Marco Guerrieri, Marco Guerrieri

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The C-roundabout (cyclist roundabout) is a new multi-lane roundabout designed toimprove the safety of cyclists at and make multi-lane roundabouts more cyclist-friendly. Thegeometric layout of C-Roundabouts allows the decrease of the vehicle speeds through the roundaboutto around 30 km/h. The rare C-roundabout installations so far implemented in the world have notallowed analysing the capacity by means empirical data. In the light of this considerations, the mainobjective of the paper is to give a theoretical closed-form model for evaluation the measures ofeffectiveness “MOE” (capacity, delay, queues) of the C-Roundabouts.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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