Estimating pollutant emissions based on speed profiles at urban roundabouts: A pilot study

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The paper describes the pilot study conducted to assess the feasibility of the empirical approach utilizing vehicle trajectory data from a smartphone app and the Vehicle-Specific Power methodology to estimate pollutant emissions at urban roundabouts. The goal of this research phase is to acquire instantaneous speed data from a sample of six roundabouts located in the road network of the City of Palermo, Italy, and quantify emissions generated by the test vehicle through the examined roundabouts. For the case studies of roundabouts acceleration events in the circulating and exiting areas contributed to about 25% of the emissions for a given speed profile. More in general, the results from this research shed lights for further opportunities to examine infrastructural scenarios when decision makers require to assess changes in the design or operation of urban transportation systems.
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Title of host publicationSmart and Green Solutions for Transport Systems
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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