Ergonomia e sicurezza nei trattori nell'ultimo decennio

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[automatically translated] To assess the extent of progress made in the field of ergonomic and relatively to tractor safety were examined bulletins of the OECD evidence of wheeled tractors standards drawn up in the last decade. The investigation focused on the analysis of the characteristics and performance of the machines 364 (of which 207 and 157 to two-wheel drive), taking into consideration, for what concerns the ergonomics, the noise to the ear of the driver and environmental) and the constructional characteristics of the place dl guide: - presence of the cabin or of another type of protection structure; - Type of structure; - Characteristics of the seat. With regard to security, the different types of brakes adopted and their performance were examined however, occurred in different conditions dl tried. The data were considered statistically rapportati both the period and the class dl power dl membership of surveyed tractors. The results indicate a significant reduction in perceived noise level of the driver if installed a soundproof booth and a greater attention to the comfort of the seat.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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