Eolie sostenibili, sviluppo e sostenibilità per il sito Unesco "Isole Eolie" attraverso il rinnovamento dell'offerta turistica, la partecipazione e il coordinamento della governance.

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[automatically translated] Abstract Sustainable Aeolian Peter Pizzuto Aeolian represent an outstanding example of ecological diversity, landscape and nature. Their volcanic origin has strongly influenced the structure of the plant landscape and biological communities. Even the presence of man, which took office in the islands around the end of the fifth millennium BC, has profoundly influenced spatial planning. The plant populations and animals that are hosted in Aeolian the result of processes of colonization (active or passive) of the islands, which, during the last 7000 years, was also due to the man, introducing voluntarily or fewer species. The Site Management Plan Unesco Aeolian Islands frames the future economic and social order in the archipelago environmental action scenarios outlined by Local Agenda 21 and it identifies the main tools for achieving a harmonious and dynamic balance between development needs and conservation. The biodiversity heritage of the Aeolian Islands in this context becomes one of the main resources on which to build a quality and safe future for the local community. The sustainability of development requires that biological diversity Aeolian is both protected and enjoyed, preserved and promoted, appreciated both for its intrinsic value and as a driving force for economic development and a guarantee of improving the quality of local life. The process will connaturarsi in relation to local communities as inclusive and endogenous putting their involvement as a priority strategic element. Measures contained in the plan projects on the knowledge, protection, conservation and enhancement of Aeolian biological heritage should be considered in an integrated way. The plans drawn up are not the only possible way for the enhancement and conservation of the Aeolian nature, and do not cover exhaustively all the needs of the area in this matter. They represent rather the creation of a new scenario for the Aeolian Islands based on nature conservation and on an innovative model of sustainable development. The plan also must be considered in a dynamic way: It is susceptible of implementation and requires continued monitoring to continuously improve the effectiveness of interventions. The project aims to present the action plan for the knowledge, protection, conservation and enhancement of Aeolian biological heritage by highlighting the role of the sustainable use of tangible and intangible assets of the territory.
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