Energy Efficiency of Sheet Metal Working Processes: Where do we stand today?/Energieeffizienz in Prozessen der Blechumformung – eine aktuelle Standortbestimmung

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Due to increasing energy and resource costs at the one hand and upcoming regulations onenergy and resource efficiency at the other, a growing interest of machine tool builders tothe environmental performance of their machine tools can be observed today. The lastdecade, academic as well as industrial research groups started to assess the energydemand of discrete part manufacturing processes and indicated a significant potential forimprovement [1]. In contrast to conventional machining processes (e.g. milling,turning…), (sheet) metal forming processes are still less well documented in terms oftheir energy demand [2]. In consequence, potential energy efficiency improvementmeasures for these processes are often not yet recognized. This contribution provides ashort discussion on energy assessment methods followed by a structured overview ofavailable studies on the energy demand of (sheet) metal forming processes. A range ofidentified energy efficiency improvement measures, suitable for these processes, ispresented and quantified.
Original languageGerman
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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