Elementi di Microbiologia del suolo

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[automatically translated] This chapter summarizes the basic concepts of Microbiology soil explaining what role does the telluric microflora for the maintenance of biological soil fertility. After a soil environment introduction from the point of view microbial, it explains the concept of organic soil fertility and what role do the microorganisms for its maintenance. The third section describes the food web in the soil and their role mesofauna and microflora in the solubilization of nutrients. The following describes the processes of degradation of soil organic matter, with notes on the microflora involved. The soil in the presence of roots constitutes a particular habitat that is analyzed by the microbial point of view in the fifth paragraph. In the next section describes the main bacteria that have a positive role in the growth of plants. One of the main benefits to the soil system produced by certain microorganisms is the biological nitrogen fixation that is exposed in the seventh paragraph. The next section describes the interactions between the microorganisms in the soil and, finally, the last section presents the use of certain microorganisms for the decontamination of sites polluted by xenobiotic substances.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationMonitoraggio della qualità dei suoli e rischio di desertificazione
Number of pages32
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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