Efficacy of Clove Essential Oil an Sodium Bicarbonate to Control Powdwry Mildew and Grey Mould in the Strawberry Crops

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    Straberry growning in greenhouse is frequently affected by diseases which are controlled by means of chemical products.In order to find an alternative to synthetic fungicides, the antifungal activity of clove essential oil and Sodium bicarbonate were tested to control powdery mildew (causal agent Oìdium fragaria (Harz.)and grey mould and grey mould (Botrytis cinerea Pers.) "in vitro" and in planta essays "In vitro" essay the inhibition efficacy of natural substances was evaluated on O.fragariae conidial germination and on B. cinerea mycelial growth. The results showed a consistent fungicidal activity in all concentrations tested. In planta essay, treatments were carried out in greenhouse on the strawberry cultivar Tudla. Concentrations at 0,125 an 0,5 ml/l of the essential oil and concentrations at 1 and 0,25 g/l of Sodium bicarbonate were sprayed on the plants. The controls were a standard chemical control (sulphur+ pyrimethanil) and an untreated strawberries: Treatments were applied every 7-8 days after the first syntoms of diseases appeared. Incidence of diseases has been checked at harvest-time on 100 fruits. Quantitative and qualitative parameters have been also checked in order to evaluate the effects of treatments on strawberries quality. Essential oil at 0,5 ml/l and Sodium bicarbonate at 0,25 g/l treatments controlled powdwry mildew more than grey mould which showed a number of affecteed fruits like the untreated control. No toxicity phenomena have been found at both concentrations. These results support the possibility to useful natural substances in the integrates management of strawberry powdery mildew.
    Original languageEnglish
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    Publication statusPublished - 2010

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