Effetti spazio-temporali dei cambiamenti dell'uso del suolo sulla diffusione dei suoli antropogenici: il caso studio di Mazzarrone

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[automatically translated] The high human pressure, in many areas of the planet, can trigger processes that lead to the formation of anthropogenic soils. This phenomenon is particularly evident in some areas of the Mediterranean, where agriculture specialized on bath scale has resulted in the development of land use and pedopaesaggio. It examines the case study of Mazzarrone (in the south east of Sicily) where changes in land use and the adoption of special pedotecniche for table grape growing have originated from scratch anthropogenic soils. In particular, the antropedogenetici processes that have affected this area over a period of more than forty years, and any relationship between changes in land use and the spread of anthropogenic soils in time and space have been studied. The detection of some representative soils showed that human disturbance for the creation of particular viticultural systems has irreversibly changed the characteristics of the original soils turning them into anthropogenic soils were classified as Miscic Geofragmexerants. The multi-temporal analysis of remote sensing data supported by surveys in the field has allowed us to evaluate the potential distribution of these anthropogenic soils. In particular, five time cards of use of the soil and the relative transition cards have been derived. The analysis of transition matrices and the trajectories of the user changes have detected a useful tool for the quantitative evaluation of land-use changes and understanding of anthropic phenomena that affected incisively the pedopaesaggio. The results show that from 1966 to 2007, 65% of Mazzarrone original soils were affected by anthropogenic processes. The survey methodology used in this study has identified very profitable and is proposed as the basis for the development of additional space reconnaissance models of anthropogenic soils in similar environments.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationIn nome del Suolo
Number of pages24
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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