Effetti delle modificazioni artificiali del microclima sulla qualità dell’uva della cv ‘Pinot nero’

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[automatically translated] the effects have been studied, on the quality of grapes cv Pinot Noir, defoliation of the bunches, carried all'allegagione and veraison, and the coverage of bunches with several layers of networks and maintained on the production range from 'fruit set to veraison, from fruit to the collection and veraison to harvest. The results showed that the sugars are decreased in relation to the early reduction of leaf surface. A defoliation performed at fruit setting completed resulted in an increase of anthocyanins and flavonoids. However research has highlighted the significant role of temperature on the synthesis of anthocyanins than that of the light received by the clusters. The reduction of solar radiation with coverage from fruit Network onwards resulted in a reduction of the synthesis of proanthocyanidins and total polyphenols rather than the anthocyanins. The degradation of all the polyphenols were more intense in the defoliated thesis and when the network was removed veraison.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)125-140
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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