Effetti del pascolamento della sulla e/o della loiessa per 8 o 24 ore sul comportamento alimentare e sulla produzione lattiero-casearia di pecore Comisane

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[automatically translated] This experiment Aimed to examine the effects of the utilization of monocultures of ryegrass (R), the (S) or Both of them (RS), and the prolongation of daily grazing from 8 h (8: 00-16: 00) to 24 h, evaluating behavior, selectivity, intake and milk and cheese production of ewes at pasture. The experiment Involved 42 Comisana ewes averaging 146 ± 55 days in milk, divided into 6 homogeneous groups Which, since 19th April for 42 days, continuously grazed under a stocking rate of 34 ewes / ha. Ewes Involving in eating activity were higher in R and for 24-h grazing, in relation to lower intake rate. RS ewes reduced eating time and increased At lying activity. During daytime, the eating gradually decreased At R and RS, Whereas was constant in S; during night, eating was concentrated at sunset, especially in R. In RS, ewes Showed higher than selectivity for the ryegrass. The pasture affected milk yield (563, 669 and 766 g / d for R, RS and S; P <0.001), S for superior ewes, in correspondence of Their higher herbage intake (1126, 1210 and 1464 g / d of DM for R, RS and S; P <0.001). S milk was higher in casein (4.49, 4:54 and 4.72% for R, RS and S; P <0.05) and, as a Consequence of higher protein intake of ewes, into urea (40.3, 46.5 and 51.2 mg / dl for R, RS and S; P <0.001). When grazing was extended to 24 h, herbage intake (1349 vs 1184 g / d of DM; P <0.001) and milk yield (725 vs 608 g / d; P <0.001) increased At, Whereas milk fat decreased At (6.98 vs. 7:36 %; P <0.05). S forage and 24-h grazing Significantly improved BCS of ewes. Both the utilization and 24-h grazing induced in cheese to fat reduction and a total nitrogen Increase, whereas cheese from the forage Showed them to more intense yellow color. At triangle tests, cheeses S8 and S24 were different (P <0.05). Results Showed That the herbage may really Constitute the exclusive forage source in the diet of ewes and, when possible, the extension of daily grazing time blackberries than 8 h is advantageous.
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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