Effect of the IMPase inhibitor L690,330 on sea urchin development

Fabiana Geraci, Fabiana Geraci, Domenico Cascino, Gabriele Amore, Gabiella Sconzo, Giovanni Giudice, Domenico Cascino, Gabriele Amore, Giovanni Giudice

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A variety of concentrations of the IMPase inhibitor L690,330 were added to sea urchin embryos. Immediate arrest of development was obtained for concentrations from 7.5 mM on. Concentrations lower than 3.5 mM permitted gastrulation but inhibited skeletogenesis and disturbed elongation along the animal-vegetal axis. The latter results are similar to those obtained by counteracting lithium effect with myoinositol, which are suggested to be due to partial relief of IMPase inhibition.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)91-94
Number of pages4
JournalCell Biology International
Publication statusPublished - 1998

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  • Cell Biology

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    Geraci, F., Geraci, F., Cascino, D., Amore, G., Sconzo, G., Giudice, G., Cascino, D., Amore, G., & Giudice, G. (1998). Effect of the IMPase inhibitor L690,330 on sea urchin development. Cell Biology International, 22, 91-94.