Effect of β-lactoglobulin (LGB) and k-casein (CSN3) alleles on some characteristics of milk produced by Cinisara cows

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It is well known that β-lactoglobulin (LGB) and k-casein (CSN3) allelesaffect milk cheese making properties. The purpose of this studywas to analyse the A and B allele distribution at the LGB and CSN3loci in Cinisara breed and their influence on milk and cheese makingproduction traits. The Cinisara is a Sicilian breed which, accordingto DAD-IS database (FAO), consists of about 5,000 individuals and isreared mainly for milk production which is usually transformed intoCaciocavallo Palermitano, a typical stretched-curd cheese. We typed314 lactating cows at the LGB and CSN3 loci by means of RFLP-PCRanalyses. The frequencies of LGB A and B alleles were 0.22 and 0.78,respectively; the frequencies of CSN3 A and B alleles were 0.46 and0.54, respectively. Individual milk samples were analysed for totalnitrogen (TN) and non-casein nitrogen (NCN) according to FIL-IDFstandard procedure. The coagulation properties were measuredusing the Formagraph. Data were analysed using ANOVA procedurein which the fixed effect of CSN3 genotype or the fixed effect of LGBgenotype was evaluate. The results of this study show that also inCinisara the LGB A and B alleles are associated with significantly differenteffects on NCN (lower for BB genotype, P<0.001), and caseinindex (higher value for BB genotype, P<0.0001). As a consequence,the LGB alleles are associated also with significantly different effectson coagulation properties such as coagulation time (r) and curdfirming time (k20) (lower value for BB genotype, P<0.011, P<0.050,respectively); while they are not associated with different effects oncurd firmness (a30 and a2r). CSN3 A and B alleles are not associatedwith different effects on NCN, and casein index. On the contrary,they are associated with significantly different effects on coagulationproperties: BB genotype shows lower value for coagulation time (r)(P<0.0001) and curd firming time (k20) (P<0.0001); higher valuefor curd firmness (a30) (P<0.0001) and curd firmness (a2r)(P<0.0001) than AA genotype. Our results confirm again that LGBand CSN3 genotypes affect cheese making properties and show thatCinisara cows, due to higher frequencies of alleles with positiveeffect on cheese making properties, produce a high quality milk forcheese processing.
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Publication statusPublished - 2015


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