EABOT-Energetic Analysis as a Basis for robust Optimization of Trigeneration Systems by linear programming

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The optimization of synthesis, design and operation in trigeneration systems for building applications is aquite complex task, due to the high number of decision variables, the presence of irregular heat, coolingand electric load profiles and the variable electricity price. Consequently, computer-aided techniques areusually adopted to achieve the optimal solution, based either on iterative techniques, linear or non-linearprogramming or evolutionary search. Large efforts have been made in improving algorithm efficiency,which have resulted in an increasingly rapid convergence to the optimal solution and in reduced calculationtime; robust algorithm have also been formulated, assuming stochastic behaviour for energy loadsand prices. This paper is based on the assumption that margins for improvements in the optimization oftrigeneration systems still exist, which require an in-depth understanding of plant’s energetic behaviour.Robustness in the optimization of trigeneration systems has more to do with a ‘‘correct and comprehensive”than with an ‘‘efficient” modelling, being larger efforts required to energy specialists rather than toexperts in efficient algorithms. With reference to a mixed integer linear programming model implementedin MatLab for a trigeneration system including a pressurized (medium temperature) heat storage,the relevant contribute of thermoeconomics and energo-environmental analysis in the phase of mathematicalmodelling and code testing are shown.
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JournalEnergy Conversion and Management
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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