Dynamical behaviour of pneumatic artificial muscles

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The mechanical response of pneumaticartificial muscles is analyzed in transient and periodicconditions, assuming the inextensibility of the sheathingfibres and considering the influence of the texturegeometry, of the dissipation due to the mutual slidingbetween the braids and of the stress field inside thebladder thickness, where the constituent elastomer isregarded as a two-parameter Mooney–Rivlin material.The polytropic exponent of the thermodynamic airevolution inside the muscle during the charging anddischarging phases may be properly chosen dependingon the working frequency. The muscle end shape istaken into account profiling the meridian section by asimple m-degree parabolic law. The estimate of themechanical and geometrical parameters of each individualmuscle permits simulating its response inseveral unsteady operations and identifying its hystereticbehaviour under periodic pressure excitation.The comparison with several experimental resultspresent in the literature shows a very acceptableagreement.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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