Driven primary regulation for minimum power losses operation in islanded microgrids

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The paper proposes an improved primary regulation method for inverter-interfaced generating units in islanded microgrids. The considered approach employs an off-line minimum losses optimal power flow (OPF) to devise the primary frequency regulation curve’s set-points while satisfying the power balance, frequency and current constraints. In this way, generators will reach an optimized operating point corresponding to a given and unique power flow distribution presenting the minimum power losses. The proposed approach can be particularly interesting for diesel-based islanded microgrids that face, constantly, the issue of reducing their dependency from fossil fuels and of enhancing their generation and distribution efficiency. The Glow-worm Swarm Optimization (GSO) algorithm is selected as a key heuristic tool for solving the optimization problem. The main program is carried out in Matlab environment. A case study with a parametric analysis is implemented and all results are assessed and compared with the conventional droop control method to show the effectiveness of the proposed method as well as the improved reliability of the system.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018

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