Dotazioni culturali d’eccellenza

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[automatically translated] The averages of the PACA region cities (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), in dealing with the strong tourist attractiveness of the French Riviera and the Principality of Monaco and with the presence of the city of metropolitan rank of Marseille, have invested since the Second World War in an alternate direction of development by focusing on cultural facilities of excellence, making the system together (urban centers relatively close with average distances of about 100 km) and setting up a "cultural district" which extends beyond the local and regional dimension, unable to compete at an international level. Next to the enhancement of their identity, cultural heritage and specific features of the Provençal landscape, the actions were directed toward the promotion of cultural activities related in particular to the show and artistic creativity, managed according to a principle of diversification in the presence of these cultural events, including several Festival, requires facilities to satisfy a request for international level, dedicated to displays for a short time, they remain assets of high rank of the medium-sized cities for the rest of the year, contributing to raising the quality of supply in terms of high performance and capacity services and facilities. In the event the average city becomes the capital city, accommodates equipment and corresponding ranking functions, and differentiated offer boosts the competitiveness of the city's system.
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Title of host publicationMiddlecities. Città medie oltre il policentrismo
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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