Diventare normali. Teorie, analisi e applicazioni interazioniste della devianza e del crimine

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[automatically translated] Deviance and crime are conditions "objective"? Because they manifest themselves in different ways over time and in different socio-cultural contexts? It is mere "facts" recorded at their occurrence in the various statistical sources? Why every complaint does not necessarily follow an arrest? Because we consider the ominous "burquini" and we do not care more of the illegal dumping of toxic waste? Because it stigmatizes the rapist and, in some cases, you get to see the corrupt company managers? Deviants and "normal" are so different from each other? Deviants and criminals will become or are born? Sure some would never be able to take action, or we are all potentially deviant deviants? What are the costs become normal? The volume has the aim to introduce the study of deviant behavior and criminals taking into account the normative meanings that are attributed to behaviors, and traits specific acts by groups who hold the "power of definition." Deviance and crime are analyzed as a product of broader definitional arenas involving individual components, situational and structural. Through a survey of the main assumptions and microsociologici developments, the text stands out as one of the few Italian works of recognition and enhancement of the symbolic interactionist perspective (and the like) in the study of deviance and crime. Within an interdisciplinary and multidimensional treatment that enhances the intervening process between subjective interpretation and structural constraints, the volume is presented as a useful tool for research and for training in social and legal sciences, psycho-social and criminological, for ' social intervention and to problematize one of the social realities more fully characterized by ambiguity, stereotypes and complexity. The volume can be adopted in the course of socio-legal studies and political science, in particular, of Sociology, Sociology of Deviance, Sociology of Crime, Criminology,
Original languageItalian
Number of pages330
ISBN (Print)9788838675232
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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