Distanza sociale e stili di vita

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[automatically translated] The reflection on the social distance and the ways in which it occurs in the social space assumes a higher semantic connotation when being examined is the size of the "practices" of the newspaper. For "the daily practices," we mean the set of activities that make up the system of actions guided by the selection criteria differentiated in terms of rational behavior, as well as in value-and normative models that generate the crystallization behavior we call institutions. Because of the research is the study of institutionalized social forms in which it declines the perceived distance, shake and was incurred in a social space defined, it was considered that the analysis of such practices could have allowed a better understanding of the aspects that contribute to construct and deconstruct distance between the different groups making up the population analyzed. For this reason it was considered important to dwell on lifestyles and on the relationship between the way in which they are differentiated and the social distance that it follows both in terms of practices adopted for spacing (DS shaking), both in terms of practices for which it is subjected (DS suffered) both in the ways in which it is perceived as such (DS perceived). The aim of this chapter is to observe the relationships between some of the everyday practices that help define the style in literature concept of life and the social distance. It is preferred to consider some behaviors regarding cultural consumption and the consumption of free time to observe if and how these practices, generally vantage focus for analysis of lifestyles, generating direct and / or indirect effects on different ways in which we decline the social distance. From a theoretical point of view we used some concepts already present in the works of Simmel, Veblen and Bourdieu, being discussed in the pages that follow. The chapter ends with a path analysis through which it was possible to observe the relationship between some structural variables and attitude scales designed to measure the social distance in its various forms and with a focus on the relationship between consumption and lifestyles in city of North and South
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationLa distanza sociale in sette aree urbane italiane
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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