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[automatically translated] DI_SEGNI ON THE WATERFRONT FACILITIES PROPOSALS FOR COSTA M.Isabella Vesco architecture, infrastructure, set design, installations, ... What unites them? The project wants to show that, alongside great works, also a sign of modest size can help to redevelop part of the territory. In addressing the issue of infrastructure it comes immediately to mind the reality of the grands travaux made and being implemented in many cities, in Naples, for example, next to projects of famous architects (Siza, Hadid, Fuksas, Perrault ...) we find small redevelopment of piazzas or kind of building materials gravitating around stations (Mendini, Kounellis, Kapoor, ...). The theme is "proposals for installations on the coast" that is, the definition of public space as a place of the relationship between art and architecture. The installation, ie the so called impermanent architecture, it is still an architecture 'stable' that for a number of reasons can also be demolished soon and, perhaps because of its not '' stability over time, is well suited to a size experimental both in language and in the use of materials. The relationship with the sea is an extraordinary landscape theme that requires non-traditional design approaches but flexible; It must create a relationship, a bond, now almost nonexistent. Designing a small mark can be the driving force of innovation, both within the linguistic research. Not a theme of street furniture or green equipped therefore,
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Publication statusPublished - 2006

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