Disegnare il mutevole. Il concorso per il grattacielo Peugeot di Maurizio Sacripanti

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Maurizio Sacripanti, one of the most significant figures in Italian architecture in the second half of the twentieth century, has experimented with his own architectural language making use of the influences of literature and contemporary art. In the Roman architect, in fact, different artistic experiences coexist, programmed art, megastructure and structuralism, optical-art, visionary architecture and kinetic art, these perhaps the most interesting ones. Other references can be found in the previous experiences of De Stijl and Futurism. The project for the competition for the Peugeot skyscraper in Buenos Aires seems to contain, in his conception and drawings, continuous references to all the contemporary artistic currents that Sacripanti investigated with critical attention and with the intelligence of the possible transpositions in his architectural ‘making’. In this sense Sacripanti defines the Peugeot skyscraper as a knits, or rather a rule within which the body of the building can be modified over time (programmed/visionary architecture), creates a structure with an almost metabolist taste, manages modifiability and transformation in an exemplary way in the mutability of the elevations, arriving at experimentations of optical-art. The unpublished project representations that accompany the text, real operations of graphic analysis, are intended to be an instrument of verification of the Roman architect’s thought.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCONNETTERE un disegno per annodare e tessere, CONNECTING drawing for weaving relationships
Number of pages22
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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