Disabilità umane: su cosa significhi l'avere accesso a un valore

Research output: Other contribution


[automatically translated] In this essay we reflect on some general theoretical questions about disability, beginning with some absences of ability That Are conventionally classed as disabilities (lack of vision, lack of mobility). We move from there to ask Whether Those of us who are conventionally classed as non-disabled in fact suffer from disabilities, and in Particular there Whether disabilities are shared by all humans. We reflect on the idea of the superhero, And Also on Whether it makes sense to envy the abilities of other species That Are not shared by human beings. This leads us into a critique of species-relativism about fair. We defend the thesis That All value is fair for everything. This draws us into some reflections on The Importance of ability and disability,
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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