Dis-misure e dis-valori del danno all'ambiente fluviale: un approccio socio-sistemico

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[automatically translated] It is organized as the testing of a method of analysis and evaluation of the damage inspired sociological approach of N. Nuhmann (1990), which sets the environment for difference from the communication processes that inform the social system and therefore the environmental damage as a fault the communication between sub-systems. In this logic the compensation assessment was conducted with reference to the vertical relationship between pollutants and natural units and horizontal support between the different sub-systems that communicate "on the environment". The case study concerns inputs of pollutants in a Sicilian reservoir for some time under observation also by the European Community due to the high human pressure that affected him with substantial effects and visible to the maritime outlet coastline. The damages hypothesis, proposed in accordance with the regulations in force at the time, took into account: 1. the extent of liability of the pelvis level of degradation attributable to each source based on the volume and quality of entries ; 2. the determination of compensation by reference: to the savings for non-treatment, the cost of rehabilitation of the status quo ante, the non-use of the resource by the settled community. 1. The extent of the liability of sources has been determined on the basis of chemical analysis of sewage and river water obtained from court records and the available historical data. Territorial analysis of the main water body basin and its tributaries has allowed to frame the study area and identify all anthropogenic inputs - notably civil and industrial waste - that gave rise to the phenomenon of pollution. The processing of the data available, along with the creation of a theoretical model, has enabled us to evaluate the factors responsible for the deterioration and / or increase the degradation of the river system in question and size among them the responsibility proportional to its contribution. 2. The value of the damage attributed to the main source: a) with regard to the savings achieved by the polluter, through a physical quantities and quantitative monetary balance sheet of the company; b) because the cost of recovery, with reference to a river redevelopment project carried out by the local administration to cope with the degradation of the environment; c) because the damage to the community, taking the method of defensive expenses with a check carried out by the economic aspect of the application of subrogation value.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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