Diritti fondamentali, famiglia e multiculturalismo

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[automatically translated] The contribution tends to verify if and how the coexistence of multicultural elements to be able to influence the way of understanding the scope of fundamental rights and the limits that are to govern with their operations. Attention is focused on certain critical issues highlighted by the tension - determined by the different meaning that the individual and / or group can take on the dignity - including the effective exercise of very personal rights and the minimum core of essential values shared a sort, summary of the socio-cultural context and political and economic reference. It is believed, in fact, that cultural identity, heritage of human beings which connotative - looked now in its individuality, now as belonging to a community or institution - is able to hack and make it conditional, on the concrete behavior of fundamental rights. The author examines the possibility that identity reason are colored (and characteristics) in a diversified manner the supreme values from which arise the fundamental rights; also it tends to occur if their universal character can be assured and confirmed as well when the exercise ends to overwhelm or to make stagger the lowest common denominator place in the European Union is based upon the result of the traditions of the individual Member States. The observation is focused on the family in the multicultural perspective, watched both as an internal phenomenon "homogeneous society", both as phenomenon resulting migratory flows and the presence in a particular order (Italy-Europe) of minority groups with social, religious traditions , Legal distant from those of the host country. In the first case the wheel on the investigation still ongoing debate in Italy on the admissibility of a legal visibility of same-sex families; under the second profile, the focus is on how the different pose of family relationships in other cultures from the western law can affect the host when the foreign family there stabilizes.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationPersona e diritto. Giornate di studio in onore di Alfredo Galasso
Number of pages40
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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