Difendere la salute. Igiene e disciplina del soggetto nel De sanitate tuenda di Galeno

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[automatically translated] Impressive sum of a reflection on health and ways to protect it already started in some writings of the Hippocratic Corpus (Old Regime and medicine), the Treaty of "Hygiene" Galen has at the same time profoundly innovative character compared to the texts on diet of healthy previous eras, and develops a theory of health for amplitude and conceptual thickness is unparalleled in the ancient world. Focusing the historical-philological analysis on the Treaty of "Hygiene" and "Thrasybulus" but with a look altogether addressed to the whole work of Galen, the book reconstructs the ideology of Galen's health, highlighting the ties with tradition medical and philosophical (Plato and Aristotle in particular) and highlighting, even through the filter of the contemporary debate on the theme, items of interest to the modern reader. After an introduction, the book develops into eight chapters and ends with a bibliography (pp. 239-256) and the Index (Index locorum, Index of ancient names, modern names Index).
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Number of pages280
ISBN (Print)978-88-7088-543-9
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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NameElenchos. Collana di testi e studi sul pensiero antico fondata da Gabriele Giannantoni XLIX

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