Dietary strategy for prevention and management of dyslipidemia: International guidelines

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Primary prevention of cardiovascular diseaseshould begin with a detailed metabolic study of our patientswho must follow a nutritional therapy. Recently, newguidelines ESC/EAS 2011 on the treatment of dyslipidemiahave been drawn up, according to which it is possible toarrive at desirable values of cholesterol and triglycerideswith a synergy between drug treatment and adequate diettherapy. At this time, Mediterranean diet has been undergoinga radical transformation: there is hyperalimentation ofthe Mediterranean diet in all its components. The effectivenessof the Mediterranean diet on the reduction of lipids hasbeen demonstrated, and the problem is how to implement thisdiet in the general population and dyslipidemic patients.Certainly, awareness, education of their nutritional status,suitable food and portions can increase adherence to diet.
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JournalMediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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