Design e globalizzazione / Linee guida per la produzione siciliana

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[automatically translated] The book contains theoretical contributions and project experiences developed within the research "MADE IN ITALY FOR CHINA / Design of sustainable products for the internationalization of Italian companies" An opportunity for scientific reflection and methodological design experimentation that put in light, alongside a design practice that gives priority to the systemic and sustainable development of land resources, the effectiveness of the design when you manage to build a knowledge and viewing path with the other actors of territorial development. Activating a consolidated methodological approach in the scientific community design (action research), it is a careful territorial mapping been traced in order to verify the consistency of parallel emerging productive sectors, the quality of the project and accepted practices related to the design, the innovation level expressed by companies, so the export orientation to global markets, especially the Chinese. In applying the concept of research-action, already oriented to an active relationship with the various actors of production, we have tried to accentuate the design valence, activating workshops with companies and associations that have strongly shared and enhanced search and reporting requirements in the project activities and issues emerged acquisitions.
Original languageItalian
PublisherALINEA editrice
Number of pages112
ISBN (Print)978-88-6055-178-8
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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